The 3 top Dorset lamb producers showing the % of lambs supplied making the Waitrose specifications. In 2018 the Blackhill Flock was ranked the highest with 96.1%, putting us top of the Waitrose Producers.

Report for Dorset's website on May Fair 2016: Leading the day’s prices was the September 2015 born Poll ram lamb Huish Exhilarate from David Rossiter. Its sire Downkillybegs Unique, a double copy Myomax ram, has passed one copy of the double muscling gene to his son which is out of a home-bred ewe from the 520 ewe Huish flock.

Jim and Joe went to the first DCBS Show and Sale of 2017 at Sedgemoor and purchased AJ's President for 3800 gns. Pictures of 'Donald' at the sale and arriving home at Blackhill.

Blackhill Dorset Lamb is sold to Waitrose. The breeding ability of the Dorset's, able to breed at anytime of the year enables Waitrose to have fresh lamb all year round.

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